The Gift Ideas of Teacher Appreciation Week III – Music Teacher Gift


Teacher Appreciation Plaque

Look this crystal teacher appreciation plaque! You may have the feeling of clean and exquisite, do you think this is perfect teacher appreciation gift to show your appreciation and love to your teacher, thank you her/his hard work and dedication all the year round.

Now, you may be interested in this wonderful crystal plaque, but you don’t know more about how design the unique teacher appreciation gift, don’t worry, and follow me:

This teacher appreciation plaque with the star on top and colored music notes dancing, it is an excellent award choice for musicians and music teachers. Hence please pay more attention to this music teacher gift.

  • Designing Your Crystal Plaque. The colored music notes are the vivid symbol which

    Designing Your Crystal Plaque

    stand for music teacher, you also use other things includes musical instrument, a song related teacher or a picture.

    Then you should make sure what shape of the music teacher plaque you want: round, foursquare, rectangle, or ellipse. Chose it depends on your music teacher’s interest (you can follow the trend if you don’t know more about the interest of your music teacher).

  • Engraving Important Elements.

i) What are important elements? Of course,


Recipient’s name

always the recipient’s name. Although as a general rule appreciation plaque message tend to be formal, teacher appreciation plaques often have more flexibility of tone, particular with regard to the recipient’s name.



Presenter’s name

The presenter’s name is nearly as important as the recipient’s. Whether the appreciation plaques presenter is a student, a family or a class, chance are that every bit of publicity is appreciated.




As with messages for other types of awards, the date is a common component in teacher appreciation plaque messages. The date of presentation is sometimes included on sales awards. Presentation date style can range from the very formal (the twelfth day of November, 2010 to the informal (11-12-10). More typically, the date is spelled out, e.g. November 12, 2010.

  • Writing Your Own Appreciation Quotes. This is most important but flexible part. You may have good collection about beautiful teacher appreciation wording, quotes. They are great can help you show your appreciation and love just like that:

i) I like you, my teacher who gives me something to take home to think about besides homework.

ii) I would thank you, my teacher from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom

iii) God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?”


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