Teacher Gifts from Early Grade Students

Early grade students have no enough skills to make beautiful teacher gift without their parents’ guidance, but no need to buy something for teacher, I’ve listed below a few ideas for teacher gifts from early grade students.

Selected Teacher Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Shamrock Headband

To make a shamrock headband of your teacher, this is easy but sweet gift, your little kid will have good job with your simple guidance, just make it follow these steps:

  • Preparing prepare three different, but close shades of green felt, such as lime green, apple green and kelly green, your child may like to either do lightest to darkest or darkest to lightest, but there are no rules, so pick whatever looks best to you!
  • Then your kids must have collected many kinds of rhinestone, for this center and a headband as your base,
  • Teacher will prefer a wider headband for this particular project to give the shamrock a little body, keep it.

An apple for teacher: still a good ideas

Teachers who have been in the profession for a number of years have probably seen the most commonly-given teacher appreciation gift ideas. But teacher gifts with an apple theme are still a good choice for a newer teacher who does not already have them in abundance. Here are some favorites:

• Glass, metal or wooden apple paperweight

• Apple-design mug for coffee or pencils

• Tee shirt, necktie, scarf, lapel pin, keychain or other accessories

• Desk items: pencils, pads, mouse pad, memo holder, name plate

• Ornaments with variation on the apple or “#1 Teacher” theme

• Apple wall plaque, message board, sign or sampler

• Tote bag with apple design

Teacher Appreciation Painting

Children’s drawings are one of the favorite expressions of their affection. They would use their pencil to draw beautiful view in their mind, you know they always have rich and wonderful imagination.

They just love to draw, and they will tend to draw the things and people they like most. Therefore, if you encourage your children to do a teacher appreciation drawing, they will certainly have a good time and the teacher will be delighted.

They should try something simple, and here are some ideas:

•A simple motif, like a flower, a fruit, a pet, the Sun, the Moon, a heart…

•The school facade or the classroom.

•The teacher by the blackboard.

•The child’s family or house.

•The child with the teacher.

DIY Personalized Gift Basket

Before you get started on the DIY personalized gift basket, think about that special teacher in your kids’ heart, what are her interests, hobbies, or current events happening in her life?

You can teach your kids use flower from your own gardening, preparing a small basket, let them choose kinds flower what they adore, protecting them from being hurt is important.

Teacher Appreciation Collage

A child-made collage can be a very funny and rewarding expression of teacher appreciation, both on Teachers day and along the year. Parents should guide their kids towards collages made with easy and safe materials: different types of paper, child-safe glue, paper flowers, stickers, pictures, plastic scissors for kids, etcetera. Have your child dedicate the collage for teacher appreciation with a little poem or some few words or thank you teacher quotes.

Teacher Appreciation Cards

Thank you teacher cards are traditional simple teacher gifts, simple but mean more, it is perfect using teacher appreciation poems on card, you can encourage your kids write some thank you teacher poems.


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