Summer Vacation Ideas for Teacher

With summer just around the corner, your teachers are in the midst of their summer vacation planning. Whether your teacher are traveling by plane, train or automobile, summer vacation are the perfect opportunity to get away to a favorite spot or experience new sights and adventures pamper themselves for the hard work.

If you have unique summer vacation 2011 ideas don’t forget tell your teacher to help them enjoy a happy summer vacation. This is also good way to show your appreciation and love for your teacher. Here are some travel tips to make this summer vacation your best one yet:

Colorado Summer Vacations

Colorado summer vacations is filled with both exciting outdoor and indoor activities, Colorado is filled with outdoor activities such as Hiking trails, ski resorts ,downhill skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, golf, and mountain biking will keep you busy while your teacher enjoy the spectacular Colorado scenery.


For the more adventurous traveler, Alaska offers adventure unlike anything else found in the world. With miles upon miles of pristine, unspoiled landscapes, Alaska boasts some of the most picturesque scenes found anywhere. From fishing to hiking to mountain biking and virtually everything in between, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike will find plenty to do in this rugged landscape.

Host a Soiree in Mexico

We don’t condone crazy bashes, of course, but if you’ve got an event to celebrate – special birthday, anniversary, corporate retreat, even a wedding – this summer, you can’t go wrong with the gorgeous host that is Casa La Laguna, a 6 bedroom villa in Cabo San Lucas. This fully-staffed, fully-stocked luxury pad has sexy deck space for up to 150 people, all linked by an indoor/outdoor sound system

City Spot

If your teachers are living in the city, check out local parks, museums and zoos. Spending summer in the city is not as bad as you might think. Actually, most cities offer lots of great family-friendly sites and entertainment venues. Bring your children in one of the city parks where you can enjoy various recreational activities. They can have a picnic, rent a boat, bike along with your kids or run around the park.

A visit to a local zoo will definitely delight your kids. Let them participate in animal feedings and explore the area. Most zoos also feature animal shows and other special events so they really have something to look forward to.

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