Teacher Service Scholarships

Full and part time scholarships for teachers are now available. But how many kinds of teacher service scholarships do you know? This article will share some famous teacher service scholarships with you.

Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship

The Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship is a Scholarship sponsored by Kansas Board of Regents. The Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship is a Scholarship sponsored by Kansas Board of Regents. Applicant must be a Kansas resident attending a Kansas school, with high academic credentials and be a full time student in a program leading to teacher certification in a “hard-to-fill” discipline or underserved geographic area.

Minority Teacher/Special Services Scholarship

The 1988 Indiana General Assembly created this scholarship to address the shortage of black and Hispanic teachers in Indiana. In 1990 and 1991, the organization added the fields of special education and occupation and physical therapy to the program.

The Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship program is designed to assist financially needy, academically competitive students who are identified as members of any of the following ethnic/racial groups: African American; American Indian or Alaskan Native; Asian or Pacific Islander; or Hispanic.

Vocational Educational Scholarship

The Vocational Educational Scholarship is available to eligible students enrolled in approved vocational programs at community or technical colleges and some two-year programs at four-year institutions.

Kansas Dental Education Opportunities Program

Designed to encourage dentists to establish Kansas practices. Kansas helps pay the difference between resident and nonresident tuition at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Applications also available from UM-KC

Know more Teacher Awards from scholarship:

best-teacher-award-plaque-cc21-8961731 Teacher Appreciation Award

A big “Thank You” and round of applause for a job well done, the Crystal Book makes a unique teacher award plaque to express your heartfelt appreciation.

teacher-of-the-year-award-tw16-3457521 Teacher of the Year Award

The most frequently used teacher award program, “Teacher of the Year” awards honor best teachers for their dedication to teaching.

teacher-appreciation-plaque-pq12-6782575 Teacher Appreciation Plaque

With the star on top and colored music notes dancing, the Teacher Appreciation Plaque is an excellent teacher award ideas for musicians and music teachers.

teacher-award-of-excellence-cc16-8701744 Teaching Excellence Award

Teaching Excellence Award recognizes and rewards best teachers. The star accents make it a perfect choice for “Teacher of the Year Award”.

teacher-appreciation-award-ct15-5087674 Thank You Teacher Gift

For making education a wonderful experience, the Teacher Appreciation Gift serves the purpose of acknowledging and recognizing best teachers.

teacher-award-of-excellence-tw17-7668407 Teacher Award of Excellence

The Teacher Award of Excellence celebrates exceptional achievement in the field of education by recognizing those inspirational teachers for their hard work and dedication.

teacher-achievement-award-tw19-1359661 Teacher Achievement Award

Teacher Achievement Award highlights and celebrates outstanding achievements of an educator, a popular teacher award ideas for “Teacher of the Year” award.

best-teacher-award-st19-5136325 Best Teacher Award

Best Teacher Award recognizes and honors stars of the profession for going above and beyond the classroom making a difference in the student’s lives.

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