Teacher Service Commission

Teachers Service Commission was charged with the task of studying, examining and recommending the institutional structure, management and legal context of the proposed Teachers’ Service Commission whose role will be to deal with the development and management of teachers in America.

The proposed mission of the Teachers’ Service Commission is to improve on the delivery of quality education through development, management and provision of sufficient, qualified, motivated and competent teachers.

Why we need Teacher Service Commission?

Teaching is one of the most demanding careers once can choose. Choosing to teach is choosing to make a difference in the lives of children to help them learn to read, solve a math problem, or discover how plants grow.

Becoming an ideal teacher is not easy. An ideal teacher is a true builder of the nation. He/she is fearless, sincere and earnest in the discharge of his/her duties towards the students and the nation as a whole. An ideal teacher is considered as an object of admiration and devotion for the students. These days, students do not like to study from harsh and unsympathetic teachers. An ideal teacher creates such a confidence in his students that they are always ready to sacrifice for the cause of their teacher.

How to be the ideal teacher? They need more experience and training. The teacher service commission can offers professional training and guidance to help teacher to create the best possible learning environment for their students.

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