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Year Teacher Appreciation Week  Teacher Appreciation Day 
2009 May 4 – May 8 Tuesday, May 5
2010 May 3 – May 7 Tuesday, May 4
2011 May 2 – May 6  Tuesday, May 3 
2012 May 7 – May 11 Tuesday, May 8
2013 May 6 – May 10 Tuesday, May 7
2014 May 5 – May 9 Tuesday, May 6
2015 May 4 – May 8 Tuesday, May 5

Teacher Appreciation Week is a week long celebration in the United States observed the first full week in May. Teacher Appreciation Day is the Tuesday that falls during Teacher Appreciation Week. National Teacher Day is part of a week-long celebration honoring our teachers. On Teacher Day, be sure to honor the special teachers in your life for the hard work they do each day.This is appropriate occasion for you to show your appreciation and support to your child’s teacher.

No one really knows when this set-aside week began. Some say it harks all the way back to World War II, while others note that Eleanor Roosevelt pushed for it in 1953. Ultimately, in 1985, the National PTA established Teacher Appreciation Week as the first week in May.What really matters, though, is that the need to value our nation’s educators has a long history-and has a long way to go.

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