April Fool’s Day for Teacher

April Fool’s is one holiday when kids can trick their teachers, and everyone will think it’s OK. If you are trying to pull a fast one on your teacher, it is a good idea to get your classmates involved so no one spoils the trick before it happens.

Here are some tips for you to help you enjoy more interesting April Fool Day:

  • Have fun because fun is the best thing to have!
  • Be creative. There is nothing worse than an over-used prank.
  • If you can, let your”victims” share in the laugh. The best pranks are the ones where the recipient laughs at himself or herself, or preferably, at the situation.
  • Be aware that friendships can be lost due to April Fool’s pranks. So make sure you do not hit a sensitive spot of your teacher and keep your pranks are appropriate.
  • The best pranks happen when the teacher is caught off guard. Early morning is the best time to play them because people do not think clearly and do not realize that it is April first.
  • If you want to pull a good prank on your teacher, remember to avoid any cruel pranks, or pranks that would get you in trouble with your school, principal, or the law.

How to prank your teacher on April Fool’s Day

  • Prepare a wordsearch that doesn’t have any words in it and tell your teacher you need their help for the wordsearch is too difficult to finish, your teacher spend many time trying to find the words. It is sooo much fun!
  • Magic Eraser – This simple trick will surprise your teacher when she tries to erase the board. Place a few pieces of chalk inside each eraser. When your teacher tries to erase the board, she will find that she just keeps writing more with each swipe of the eraser.
  • Pull a April Fool Day Oreo cookie for teacher. Get an Oreo cookie, replace butter in toothpaste, once you are done with the toothpaste, put the top of the cookie back on. When you are ready to pull the prank, say that it is a new type of Oreo cookie.
  • Put a sign on a front door of your class where you’ve written “WET PAINT – please use the back door”. It depends on the door, so maybe instead of a “front-back door” you may use “on tour left/right”! The victim will walked around to the back door where there is the same sign saying “WET PAINT — please use the front door”. See her reaction! But don’t forget to say “April Fool”!
  • Coffee break: on April 1st instead of putting sugar in your teachers’ coffee, put salt.
  • Your teacher may also tries to pull a prank on students. They may sternly tell you you’ve giving them a pop quiz on the last unit you taught and that it will count for 50 percent of their grade for the marking period. Simply tell the prankster that it isn’t April Fools’ Day until tomorrow and that today is only March 32nd while your teacher is waiting for you becoming the April Fools.

Pulling April Fool’s Day pranks on a teacher is a tradition for all students. April 1st of each year is a fun day for high school students, as well as adults such as teachers and parents. Pulling pranks on new teachers and substitute teachers is a tradition that has been a fun part of high school for many decades. Read more April Fool’s Day prank for high school teacher, Elementary teacher, Middle school teacher.

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