Traditional Engraved Back to School Gifts for Teachers

traditional-engraved-back-to-school-gifts-for-teachers-2 Back to school year gifts

What do you give the back to school gifts to your teacher who has everything? Traditional engraved back to school gifts are the answer. You know the engraved back to school gifts are personalization and unique. Personalization is heartwarming and touches teachers’ lives. It makes the teacher appreciation gift last forever.

Almost anything can be personalized, including jewelry, crystal, picture frames, desk clocks, wine glasses, tankards, key rings, trinket boxes, pens, door knockers and more. They are appropriate personalized back to school gifts for teacher.

Traditional Engraved Gifts Ideas

Most of traditional engraved items can be given at the holiday season but also enjoyed year-round. For example, a picture frame personalized with a teacher’s name or date can be placed on the mantle at home or displayed at the office. Trinket boxes, key rings and pens, door knockers are also very functional year-round gifts.

Some common engraved gifts ideas are: brass, silver, acrylic or plastic. In addition to this glassware, sterling silver, luggage tags, and decorative metal plates make some great engraving gifts.

Some more traditional ideas for engraved gifts are: cufflinks; these can be made of gold or silver, which would go well with the back to school party clothing, this will be wonderful back to school gifts ideas for a new teacher.

Traditional Engraved Jewelry


There are many different types of traditional engraved gifts available this holiday season, the most popular being jewelry. Personalize jewelry for female teacher includes bracelets, anklets, pendants, lockets, rings, watches, crosses and more.

Another item that is gaining popularity – memory bracelets. The bracelet is similar to a charm-style bracelet but has six miniature frames where your teacher’s personal photographs can be inserted. An option that is available for the memory bracelet is an engravable disc that slides into the frame.

Not only can the bracelet be personalized with photographs but it can also feature a special engraved date or welcome back to school wording.

Engraved Crystal Teacher Appreciation Plaque

Engraved jewelry is made out of many different metals like pewter, brass, titanium, sterling silver, silver plate gold, gold filled or gold plate, but the crystal is perfect. Now the traditional crystal plaque is the trend.

Face the crystal plaque, crystal teacher appreciation plaque/award has clear perfection and sparkling reflection that attracts and says “You’re special”. It doesn’t matter where they are displayed. As long as there is light, the crystal back to school trophies will sparkle and attract attention.

Many kinds of online trophy stores like offers DIY service that you can design it yourself, you can design this crystal teacher appreciation plaque with any types according to the tastes and interests of your teachers.

The sparkling thank you teacher plaque with your sincere teacher appreciation wording will highlight the house or office desk of your teachers.


There are perfect crystal plaques/awards samples for your reference if you have no good design ideas or have enough time to design this. It is better choosing the apple-themed plaque for back to school 2011. Although it may seem cliché, giving the teacher an apple is a tried and true way to get on his good side and perfect to adorn the award shelf or office desk.

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