Thank You Teacher Letter

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I’ve decided to write you a small note, thanking you for your help. I enjoyed being taught by you immensely; you are an excellent teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your hard work, it’s meant so much to me.

Once again, thank you so much for your time, expertise and patience!

This is one student’s thank you teacher letter, simple but means more, it is traditional and appropriate thank you teacher gift for your teacher. Here are some other Thank You Note Phrases to collect:

  • I’ll think of you every time I look at it (or use it).
  • I have heard the liquid murmur of the river through the darkness of midnight, just like your voice with knowledge.
  • Yet my memory is still sweet with the first white jasmines that I held in my hand when I was a child, and you were my first teacher.
  • I shall become a dream, and through the little opening of your eyelids I shall slip into the depths of your sleep; and when you wake up and look round started, like a twinkling firefly I shall flit out into the darkness. Thank you teacher poems for thank you teacher letter. No matter you are the poet or not, you always can make your feeling of appreciation and love as your own poem, then you will also be  interested in your thank you teacher letter.1)Thank you for being so generous,thoughtful and so true.

    And thank you most of all

    for just being you.


    Supposing I become a champa flower,

    just for fun, and grew on a branch high up that tree,

    and shook in the wind with laughter and danced upon the newly budded leaves,

    would you know me, teacher?

    You would call,

    Baby, where are you? and I should laugh to myself and keep quiet

    I should slyly open my petals and watch you at your work


    Thank you for sharing the celebration

    and being part of my special day.

    Thank you for being a a great friend

    in every possible way.

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