Teacher Appreciation Month

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I always look forward to May – Teacher Appreciation Month. It is perfect time to show my teacher how much I appreciate the time and patience he or she spends on teaching I new things about the world, about life, about yourself and much more.

The bible to honor those who work hard among you. (1 Thessalonians 5.6) This verse is talking about how we treat our pastor, but I believe the principle applies to all such as our great teacher who works hard among us.

Why is it important that we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Month? I can think of a few reasons:

 A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.  ~Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, translated from Turkish

Teachers impact our lives. Their words can stay with us for years. They teach with passion, helping shape the lives of their students. Teacher spend all of their time giving out and reaching out in order to help the students succeed, and rarely think about themselves. They are great.

Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around. ~Helen Peters

Appreciation is a fundamental human emotion need, the sincere appreciation and recognition from students and their parents are best gift for every teacher. The appreciation of Students and their parents confirms teacher’s work is valued. When teacher and his/her contributions are valued, his/her satisfaction rises, which in turn tends to lead to more creative and effective educational methods.

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.  ~Victor Hugo”

“What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.  ~Karl Menninger”

Teachers teach for the love what they do and helping students grow emotionally and academically. They truly have a love for their students. They treat their students the same way they would treat their own children. Good teachers have an ability to cover the curriculum and grow most of their students. They live to not only teach the curriculum, but to “inspire” and to “motivate” their students to reach their full potential.

But how to celebrate the Teacher Appreciation Month to encourage them? Here are a few celebration ideas:

Teacher Appreciation Month Celebration Ideas

  1. Arrange for people to watch the teacher’s children during Teacher Appreciation Week so he/she and his/her wife/husband can go out on a the Teacher Appreciation Day.
  2. Put together a video/DVD of kids and kids’ parents sharing their love and appreciation for the teacher and his/her family.
  3. Give your kids’ teacher and his/her family a bouquet of home-grown flowers.
  4. Pray for teacher.
  5. Plant a tree in honor of teacher with your kids.
  6. Assign each small group in classroom a specific Teacher Appreciation Month  to serve as the teacher appreciation team. Let them come up with creative ways to appreciate their teacher that week.
  7. Create a photo album of classroom activities and students, as well as quotes of appreciation.
  8. Customize a personalized crystal teacher appreciation plaque.
  9. Plan Teacher Appreciation Day picnic.
  10. Write a letter of appreciation for teacher.
  11. Plan a special banquet to honor teacher.
  12. Investigate the needs of teacher. If he is having financial difficulties.
  13. Help them with gardening. Our teacher cannot pay more attention to their gardening, spend a few time doing their gardening and teaching them gardening knowledge.
  14. Ask local businesses to each adopt a teacher for the week and display students’ drawings, cards, and stories about that teacher in a store window.
  15. Take out an ad in the local newspaper to thank the teachers in your school or district.
  16. Create an event page on Facebook to spread the word about your Teacher Appreciation Day.
  17. Send out a press release thanking the teachers at your school, highlighting why teachers are so important to our children, and advertising your teacher appreciation activities.
  18. Pay for dinner and a show for the teacher couple…provide babysitting if necessary.
  19. Invite teacher enjoys SPA night.
  20. Help female teacher design new hair style.
  21. Introducing appropriate cosmetic is suitable for her/his skin.
  22. Choosing good books related children’s education or beautiful, entertainment, travel etc.
  23. Flowers for her dining room table.
  24. Hold a pie auction and use the proceeds to send the teacher on a trip.
  25. Hire a cleaning service for 2-3 hours.

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