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Going back to school after summer vacation is an exciting time for elementary children, their teachers and school staff members. Now your sparkling back to school ideas for every teacher and kid will help them have happy and fresh first day of school.

It is time to celebrate back to school time. The kids are off to make new friends, wear new clothes and start an important year of school. It’s always fun to find an opportunity to meet and get to know each other outside of school! And our teacher may be interested in knowing more new students.

So, how about hosting a back to school activities for teachers and kids to let them enjoy the first day of new school year? You know it is great way to connect with classmates and teacher!

Back to School Activities Ideas

There are many kinds of back to school activities available this holiday season. As thoughtful parents, why not surprise your kids and kids’ teachers with a unique back to school party, delicious back to school meals ideas, happy back to school games to gear them up for the beginning of another fun year?

Back to School Party Ideas

Celebrating the first day of school year is a great way to transition your kids and teachers to a new phase in their life and also to show them that you are involved and that you care about this important milestone.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate the back to school party:

  • Where to host this special back to school party? You can decorate your house and invite kids’ teachers and friends. Or classroom is ok.
  • Generate a guest list and send out invitations to the party.
  • Using the back to school crafts decorate party. Hang the “Welcome back” banner at the entryway where guests will be arriving.
  • Prepare the tables by securing the tablecloths with tape and adding the tableware to each guest’s designated seat.
  • Set up the game area. Find a safe place to hang the game cards where the kids and teachers can enjoy the game.
  • Play music on the stereo so that the guests can dance and listen to music while enjoying the party.

Back to School Meal Ideas

It is important and vital that put smiles on your kids’ faces before they go to school with these delicious and easy-to-make breakfast ideas. Few things tickle the senses like the smell of baking in the morning, and the DIY French Breakfast Muffins, with nutmeg in the batter, supply a particularly tantalizing aroma.

When school starts back in the fall, teachers organize a breakfast or lunch event for the children and their parents. If it is not in the budget to purchase the food, each family can bring in something to share.

Parents can make many kinds of delicious desserts for kids and kids’ teacher, it is perfect that your kids are interested in making the cookies, teaching kids to make their own simple cookies will be interesting and meaningful.

Back to School Games Ideas

What better way to get students excited about the new school year than playing interesting back to school games.

A themed classroom with each student’s name on a decoration helps students feel welcome in their environment, while back-to-school games introduce students to one another and add a little fun to the curriculum.

Treasure Hunt

Send your class on a treasure hunt to familiarize students with their new classroom. Break students into pairs or small groups to help them make new friends, and give each group a handout with a list of items to find around the room.

Decorate Classroom with Students’ Name

Decorate your classroom with your students’ names. First, print out each student’s name in large block letters on one piece of paper. Pass them out, and ask the students to color and decorate their names in a way that illustrates who they are.

Back to School Fairs


Small back to school fairs can be easy to organize and an affordable way to entertain a lot of children at once.

  • Eating contests are a classic fair attraction as they are not only fun for contestants, but also for the viewers.
  • Arrange a collection of rounded bowls filled with water. Put together baskets with three or five ping pong balls. Children can then throw the balls at the water bowls and win a prize for any balls that land in the water.

Back to School Teacher Gifts Ideas

Finding personalized back to school gifts for teacher has never been easier, especially new teacher. We can imagine the feeling as a new teacher who is waiting for the first day of school, panic, followed by more panic, as if student teaching weren’t hard enough the first year for a teacher is a trial by fire.

Back to School Kids Gifts Ideas


It is that time of year again, believe it or not, when the kids need to unwind from summer fun and get ready to go back to school. It is also great time to show your love and care by your special back to school gifts.

Personalized back to school kids gifts ideas are perfect. Kids will be interested in any elegant homemade gifts. They don’t need more your attention; just make them according to kids’ interests or hobbies.

  • Homemade bookmark is appropriate back to school kids gift if your kids are book readers. It is wonderful that enjoy the good hobby of reading.
  • Prepare a DIY homemade gift basket with brightly colored for a child; full of sparkle, shiny decorations and embellishments, arts and crafts items such as markers, colored pencils and drawing paper.
  • Brighten your kids’ first day of school with homemade colorful pencil cup. You can make this cup using colored pencils or crayons, it makes an adorable and unique gift for children, you can even fill it with pens, pencils, or other supplies that kids use.
  • Your new taste of breakfast will highlight every morning, not just the first morning of new school year.
  • Homemade Yo-Yo flowers are nice decorations for new school year. They are great accessories, and look cute adorning headbands, bobby pins, alligator clips – even on clothes and bags!

Play is an important part of a child’s development. Even a game of tag teaches motor skills and cooperation with others. So best educational back to school gifts for children that can help children enjoy the game and pick up knowledge at same time.

  • All children love books with colorful pictures about their favorite topic. No matter what age level or reading level, these are popular choices.
  • You will find reading programs designed as games for every age level. Some of the programs work with the basics of word recognition and others work on comprehension. They all focus on the “fun” damentals of reading and help children to enjoy learning.
  • There are many different toys that fit the category of educational toy. When selecting an educational toy product think about your child’s general level of comprehension as well as whether the toy is suitable for his or her age.

Anyway, the appropriate back to school kids gifts are that can help kids walk away bad emotion to welcome new school year, you should know some children get sad, anxious or nervous about the back to school year and you thoughtful gifts ideas can be a great way to ease their concerns and get them excited about moving forward in life.


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