Teacher Appreciation Week 2018 (May 6 – 12)

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We even don’t have time to think about, time brings us fly over again and again. Still remember last year’s celebration for your teachers and heartfelt gifts giving? Or don’t tell me how much you are upset even now when you think about the messy preparation of gift giving compared to your peers. In standing of 2018, May is coming forth to us again. And it’s time to express special gratitude to our teachers, school staff and professors in college by the end of this school year(2018) for their devotion to teaching and educating. Now let’s first take a glance at when 2018 Teacher Appreciation Week is and make ourselves prepared in the best situation to celebrate with gratefulness.

When is Teacher Appreciation Week 2018?

Year Teacher Appreciation Week Teacher Appreciation Day
2017 May 7 – May 13 Tuesday, May 9
2018 May 6 – May 12 Tuesday, May 8

History of  Teacher Appreciation Week

time-4329191Knowing history makes a full man. So how did Teacher Appreciation Week start? Teacher Appreciation Week is a week-long celebration during first full week in May in US while in fact no one really knows when this week began. Some say it harks all the way back to World War II, while others note that Eleanor Roosevelt pushed for it in 1953.

Ultimately, in 1985, the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) established Teacher Appreciation Week to take place during the first week in May. What really matters, though, is that the need to value our nation’s educators comes with a long history — and a long way to go.

In history, not only US respects educators and teachers, ancient wisdom from east also expressed the appreciation to teachers. Over thousand years ago, Confucius, an eastern great educator and saint once said, If I am walking with two other men, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself.

How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week – 5 Simple Ideas

teachers2-3579917Though school and educational organizations are responsible for holding ceremonies and activities, parents, students and community members play key roles in making the week a success full of respect, honor and appreciation.

Ideas for Parents

  • Sing a song: There is a range of choices for teacher appreciation gift ideas. If you are a parent, encourage your child to sing a theme song during Teacher Appreciation Week for their beloved educators — the uniqueness of a personalized song will make teachers feel appreciated and happy indeed.
  • Write teacher appreciation letter: Giving teachers positive feedback on their teaching by sending them a customized teacher appreciation letter won’t cost much both of time and finance budget but is one of the most heartwarming ways. No matter you use simple words or sophisticated ones, handwriting with sincerity says everything. Here are some samples of  teacher appreciation letter for you to take a reference and find your own style.
  • Personalized teacher gift: Perhaps nothing compared to saying “thank you” with a personalized teacher gift. Coordinate with other parents and community organization, host an event or party to honor the top teachers and dedicated staff with customized gifts in their names.

Ideas for Students

  • hand in one of your favorite handcrafted artwork: Pick one of your best artwork created in class or at home by handmade, which could be handsoap, illustration, or other creative little things.
  • Homemade sweets and cakes: We love you teachers, so please take these sweet things which representing love and appreciation. Desigh it by yourself, make it by yourself, there should be a of fun along with the process. Just think about how happy or surprised when your teachers receive these little sweet gifts.

Teacher Appreciation Awards

teacher2-300x235-6166234Being special means you really put your heart into this teacher appreciation project. So, give your teachers awards to sincerely tell them how much you love and thank because nothing honors a teacher more for their dedication than a special award given in their names. A few ways you can commemorate your teacher’s hard work through awarding gifts like below demonstrated and I am sure you can definitely find a delicately made teacher appreciation award plaque from a physical store or online.

  • Teacher Appreciation Award – A big “Thank You” and round of applause for a job well done, the Crystal Book makes a unique teacher award plaque to express your heartfelt appreciation.
  • Teacher of the Year Award – The most frequently used teacher award program, “Teacher of the Year” awards honor best teachers for their dedication to teaching.
  • Teacher Appreciation Plaque –  With the star on top and colored music notes dancing, the Teacher Appreciation Plaque is an excellent teacher award idea for musicians and music teachers.
  • Teaching Excellence Award –  Teaching Excellence Award recognizes and rewards best teachers. The star accents make it a perfect choice for “Teacher of the Year Award”.
  • Teacher Achievement Award – Teacher Achievement Award highlights and celebrates outstanding achievements of an educator, a popular teacher award idea for “Teacher of the Year” award.
  • Best Teacher Award –  Best Teacher Award recognizes and honors stars of the profession for going above and beyond the classroom making a difference in the student’s lives.


Here are just a few hints for you to be inspired and get yourself started. You could further explore by reading more specific themed ideas and activities articles below to celebrate teacher appreciation week of 2015.

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