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It’s now time to start gearing up for that much-deserved summer vacation. Your teacher may be interested in your last summer vacation ideas. It is perfect if they can receive your thoughtful summer vacation gifts ideas related the theme of their summer vacation.

Therefore you should spend time choosing appropriate gifts that can help your teachers enjoy their vacation. Here are top 8 summer vacation gifts your teacher may like them.

1. Sunblock

Most people now know that long term sun exposure can not only cause wrinkles to the skin but also cause more serious conditions like melanoma (cancer of the skin) to occur. So choose a right sunblock for your teacher is great. Generally speaking, sunblocks can be divided into two types, chemical sunblocks and physical sunblocks. Physical sunblocks are recommended compared with chemical sunblocks, or you can choose products contain both.

2. Sunglass

Because of knowing long term sun exposure will injure our skin, most people now know to wear sunblock to protect their skin from being overexposed to the sun, eyes need that same protection, so choose a sunglass is important for your teacher.

3. Swimsuit

Swimsuit season approaches, now swimsuit is vitally important part in summer. Choosing a swimwear isn’t that much easy as one have to look for price, color, style, size and more. You should know more about your kids’ teacher’s size and interest.

4. Sunbonnet

A sunbonnet shaded our ancestors from the harsh rays of the sun for centuries. It is also a practical summer vacation gift for teacher, as it can be very lightweight and wind-resistant thanks to the long ties.

5. Traveler’s Guide Basket

Help the teacher find the notable sites, memorable restaurants and interesting tidbits that the destination has to offer by filling a gift basket with travel guides, maps and articles. In addition to guidebooks and maps that you can buy at a bookstore or get free by calling the resort or city visitor’s bureau, print an assortment of travel-related articles on the vacation spot from Internet websites and blogs.

6. Fancy Flip Flops

Treat a beach-loving teacher to a pair of hand-decorated flip flops. Create the customized gift using a pair of foam or rubber sandals featuring a vibrant color such as orange, bright pink, sunny yellow or lime green. This will be lovely summer gift for teacher.

7. Books

Summer vacation is also good time for teacher to read more books that can help inspire them or help them successes in their next work.

8. Crystal Teacher Appreciation Award


The Crystal teacher appreciation award with apple design is an accolade that a teacher may receive. This particular award has been customized follow your request if you choose them from DiyAwards.

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