Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Teachers

Valentine’s Day is also an appropriate day to show your appreciation and love for teachers.

Giving teachers great gifts makes the kids feel closer to their teacher and kids really do want to give them something they’ll like. Their lovely but personalized gifts ideas always highlight the Teacher Appreciation Dayback to schoolend of school year or even teacher’s retirement and more special time, for Valentine’s Day, it will be perfect that use more romantic and creative gifts ideas to show care and gratitude.

You can encourage your kids figure out creative and unique ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day for their teachers, it is never too early or too late to prepare celebration ideas, children must have kinds ideas, as parents just guide them. Here are 10 creative Valentine’s Day celebration ideas for teachers.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate Valentines Day for Teachers

  1. Organize Valentines Day party in classroom and decorate classroom with colorful heart-shaped balloon and Valentines Day cards.
  2. Invite teacher to a dinner with your family and friends.
  3. Host a special Valentines breakfast or lunch with homemade love cookies for teachers
  4. Plant trees or flowers in public areas or on school grounds in honor of teachers.
  5. Provide babysitting to offer enough time to let teacher enjoy Valentine’s Day with his/her spouse.
  6. Help your kid’s teacher design new hair style.
  7. Invite teacher enjoys SPA night.
  8. Decorate Valentines Day Wall with colorful signatures of classmates.
  9. Put a love and appreciation message in a bottle and throw it out to sea.
  10. Fly the unique kite themed love to bless teachers have happy new year.

Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Teachers

Valentine’s gift for a teacher should not be expensive or elaborate. Rather, just make a simple gesture to say “Thank You. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

If you want you should choose personalized and homemade gift for it is heartwarming and touches teacher’s lives. It makes the gift last forever. Here are several gifts ideas for your reference.

lovers-badge-12-1611985Creative ID Badge – Make a unique Valentines ID Badge with your simple appreciation wording is creative, your teacher will be interested in it and wearing it, go shopping, seeing a movie, visit his/her friends and tell them that it is his/her Valentines Day present from student.

flowerpensth-5296033Homemade Flower-Inspired Pens –
Treat a teacher to whimsical flower-inspired pens she can display on her desk and use throughout the day.


Unique Valentines Classroom Decoration – A whirligig is a simple craft a teacher can hang in her classroom. Make one by unraveling a paper towel roll and painting each side a different color, then decorating it with glitter, stamps, etc. Make a hole in the top to thread ribbon through for hanging.

1514-148x130-2-7932186Crystal Heart Valentine Gift

Customize a crystal heart online with engraved appreciation and love messages/poems for kid’s teacher is elegant and sparkling. Online trophy store offers the crystal heart radiates with charm along the beveled edges.

heart-shaped-cookies-3298630Heart-Shaped Cookies – No one can resist handmade cookies, so treat your child’s teacher to festive baked goods on Valentine’s Day. Create heart-shaped sugar cookies using a cutter. Prior to baking the cookies, insert wooden dowels into the bottom of them.

cross-stitch-with-valentines-day-blessing-4836833Cross-Stitch with Valentines Day Blessing – This is very popular and elegant gift idea for your kid’s teacher to decorate her/his living room.

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