Teacher Appreciation Poem – Please Teacher Me

How many beautiful and warm teacher appreciation wording do you have? How many occasions can be used to appreciate your teacher? Sometime, just simple teacher appreciation poem with all your beautiful and warm word can help you show your appreciation and love. Just like this poem.

Please Teach Me

Please teach me everything I’ll need,
Teach me to calculate and speak,
Teach me to stop being so weak:
Teach me to think and write and read.

Cause there isn’t much I’ll learn alone,
And my mind is hungry for your food,
The food for thought that makes us good
And without which we’re dry as stone.
Teach me to be just like yourself,
The person I so much admire,
The one whose intellectual fire
I wish I’ll have one day myself.

Take a seat and start to teach,
Let me thus the wonders see
Of this world where I will be
A bit better thanks to each
Of the teachers that I had,
And thanks to yourself, the one
Who’s made me sure that I can,
That in fact, I’m not that bad
As a student. I’ll succeed.

You’re the one who made me start
To realize that it’s an art
To develop the great seed
That you planted in my young brain.
I’ll water that seed all the time
With your great teaching, and with time
You’ll see your efforts were not in vain.

My friend Steve tole me she felt heartwarming while she saw  this engraved poem on a unique personalized crystal award, yes, I agree with her for this is really sincere teacher appreciation poem, and Steve also described the unique teacher award to me, you can reference this image:

Kid’s parents have customized this personalized crystal book with a big “Thank You” and round of applause for a job well done, and the ample personalization space gives customers plenty of room for a personal thank you poem – Please Teach Me.

Ok, that’s wonderful teacher gift ideas, and there are many DIY online trophy store offer customers the DIY service, they can easily relate the generic crystal awards and plaques to customer’s specific recognition need with their extensive online samples.

Well, these information is from my son, he is very interested in the sparkling crystal teacher award, he think this will be popular and creative teacher gift idea if he chose it to celebrate the Teacher Appreciation Day 2012, so we also choose the crystal book with apple design, but I have no good ideas about the appreciation poem on the award, Please Teach Me had been used, I want to engraved new but appropriate thank you poem for son’s teacher – Mrs. Green, she is great! My son recommend these 9 teacher appreciation poems for me. Let me check.


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