Teacher Appreciation Day Picnic Ideas

May is Teacher Appreciation Month, May 8th, 2012 is Teacher Appreciation Day, and May is beautiful day, spring of hope, so plan a Teacher Appreciation Day Picnic will be a very interesting thing.

Kids love the finger, fresh air, games and freedom from table manners that come with the picnic experience. For teacher, nature may be best classroom, and plan a picnic will be great way to instill a love of nature in the younger generation.

Therefore, don’t miss the nice May to learn nature, organize well Teacher Appreciation Day picnic and invite teacher’s family will be thoughtful and appreciation. Your kids’ teachers don’t have much free time for their families and their loved ones for they are too busy with their work. So they will appreciate your creative and thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Day gifts ideas.

But how to prepare perfect and safe Teacher Appreciation Day picnic? Here are some planning tips may be useful and helpful.

Teacher Appreciation Day Picnic Suggestions

  1. How many people will attend? Make a clear list that show the number of teachers, teachers’ family, students and students parents. And then you can choose appropriate picnic area.
  2. Choose a sheltered picnic area with chairs and tables.
  3. Carry a cooler or food chest that is appropriate in size for the number of people that you are inviting.
  4. Prepare a first aid box. It is necessary and important that protect the kids against bug bites and sunburns with kid-friendly insect repellent and sunscreen. Tend any scrapes and scratches that may occur with a small, portable first aid kit.
  5. Pack a bag full of toys and games to keep kids occupied before and after they eat.
  6. Decide on your entertainment and events. Successful and funny activities can appeal to all ages, so keep your choices fresh and creative.

Teacher Appreciation Day Picnic Entertainment and Activities

You can spend time sitting in the sun and enjoying the picnic food, but don’t forget to plan some funny games or activities for children. Quality and creative entertainment is a key element in a fun, thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Day picnic.

* Singing a teacher appreciation song.

* Teacher Appreciation Day poems reading.

* Prepare paper to encourage kids to write simple appreciation letter or note for teacher.

* Teach children to make Teacher Appreciation Day cards.

* Have lawn activities for groups to play like golfing, mini putting, croquet, lawn bowling, lawn darts, horseshoes and ring toss.

* Plan to have crafts for children to do.

* Bring children to collect wildflowers.

* Create a fun scavenger hunt game for kids.

* Play charades or the classic draw-and-guess game.

* Put up a few game tables with checker boards, puzzles or word games.


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