Personalized Back to School Gifts for Teacher

Each year, as August comes to an end, kids and teachers have mixed emotions. Though the summer is drawing to an end, the excitement of a new school year is also building. Prepare some personalized back to school gifts can highlight the occasion in several important ways.

There are many kinds of types of teacher gifts available this season, the most popular being your personalized teacher appreciation gifts. Personalization is heartwarming and touches teacher’s lives. It makes the gift last forever.

You will be interested in a list of personalized back to school gifts ideas for teacher below. Don’t miss them and 12 special back to school gifts.

Homemade Back to School Gifts from Kids

A back-to-school gift for a teacher does not have to be large or expensive. Children can create homemade gifts for their teacher, such as the simple bookmark, back-to-school card, pictures, personalized photo collage and more.

1. Bookmark

Teacher is always forgetting which books she/he has left a bookmark in or losing them and substituting receipts and paper scraps. So make a bookmark is useful for her/him. Last year’s calendar gets new life as nearly instant bookmark cards, cut the calendar into weekly segments and use a glue stick to affix the pieces to strips of colorful card stock.

Add your message and decorate with stickers or card stock heart if you like and use a hole punch to add a hole on one end and loop a length of ribbon through it.

2. Personalized Photo Collage

A personalized photo collage also brings back happy memories and highlights the new school year. It’s common to include photos of classmates and teacher, special activities and fun summer vacation photos. When it’s done, pack it up for a rainy, boring day, or frame it and put it up on a wall.

3. Picture Perfect Notebook

Send your teacher a unique notebook with her/his favorite photo will be great. All it takes is a self-adhesive vinyl photo pocket to transform a notebook cover into a frame for your child’s favorite photo, postcard, or piece of artwork.

4. Flowerpot Pencils


You can imagine that a wonderful flowerpot pencil will brightens your teacher’s desktop.

  • Wrap 1 or 2 colorful hair scrunchies around the top of a pencil.
  • Next, cut out a pair of green craft foam leaves, using craft scissors to create a scalloped edge. Lightly etch leaf vein lines in the foam with the tip of a toothpick. Using a hole punch, make a hole in the base of each leaf.
  • Then slide the leaves onto the pencil so they rest right beneath the flower.

Personalized Back to School Gifts from Parents

Back-to-school is appropriate time for children’s parents who want to building good friendship between teachers and them. So they hope some thoughtful teacher back to school gifts can help them show your appreciation and friendship. They always pay more attention to choosing right teacher gifts according to the hobby, interests or roles of kids’ teachers.

Gift Ideas for Book Readers

Most teachers love reading. Gift ideas for book readers are tough and yet easy, if you know the type of book your kid’s teacher loves, and what teacher has read already, you have an easy path to select the perfect gift for them.

You also can try a personal book lamp that simply clip onto the book and provide a small LED light and others provide magnification for reading.

Bookshelves may be wonderful back-to-school gifts, teacher would like to decorate and design their home.

Gifts Ideas for Teacher Who loves Gardening

Sometimes teacher gift-giving is easier when the intended recipient has a particular interest or hobby, such as gardening, and handmade gifts are always special, like the hand painted flower pots are a popular gift choice.

If you want something a little more unique, consider doing a mosaic on a terra cotta pot or filling the hand-painted pot with seed packets, gardening tools, and such — like a gift basket.

Gifts Ideas for New Teacher

If you have ever write down interesting and useful events of your little kid, now the CD, story and more other thing about your kids’ growth will be thoughtful and unique gifts for a new teacher to help she/he know more about your kids.

Gifts Ideas for Teacher Who Has Just Become New Mother/Father

This will be special and difficult time for every teacher who has just become a new mother or father . You know his/her pressure will become bigger. They should pay attention to their family and work, your thoughtful teacher back-to-school gifts possibilities available sure to bring a smile to their face. (You also can reference the Father’s Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher Who is New Father)

Ideas include magazine subscriptions to baby magazines, baby-related books, parenting books, photo albums and baby-themed scrapbooking supplies for the new mom who is a scrapper. Customize a crystal baby photo plaque may be the most unique and elegant gift for every new mother or father.

There are many kinds of online trophy stores like can offers DIY service for customemkr, so you can design crystal plaque features with the photo of baby and new mother/father, engraved your blessing and congratulation message. The baby plaque can highlight teacher’s life of new mother or father.

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