Top 10 Worst Teacher Retirement Gifts

Are you sure you have choose right retirement gift for teacher? Have your teacher ever received a gift that was a complete and utter failure? You know that look people get when they appreciation the thought but can’t understand why you were so far off the mark?

Well, don’t worry, kids and kids’ parents, it’s completely avoidable, you just have to remember one thing, even if you don’t know the person very well, that classics never fail. Your retirement gifts can be the good keepsake but you should make sure your gift can’t provoke the sensitive emotion of retired teachers.

There are ten teacher retirement gift ideas you should never give, unless otherwise specified by the person the gift is for are:

1. Ugly Coasters


My friend once got this strange coaster from a student. They are cork-like to hold the cup in place and are a light brown wood color and come in their own container to store them. I don’t think this coaster can bring bright smile for retired teacher, why not choose some other beautiful and simple things?

2. Any Type of Figurine

Any type of figurine like a cat mug, you retired teacher may be not interested in it very much, the gift that’s not only generic but says “My mother thinks you are a cat lady.”

3. Swiss Army Knife

A student brought a Swiss Army Knife for teacher and the teacher wasn’t quite sure if she should thank or report him, we need and support creative gift ideas but sometimes we should depend on traditional principle.

4. Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Now you may be interested in this gift idea, you never have this idea, but you can’t make sure whether your parents have or not. You can imagine that the oddest gift your retired teacher would have to say was a gift certificate from a kid’s single father to Victoria’s secret. It was just way inappropriate.

5. Wild Flower

Your teacher can’t tell you what their allergies are. So you’d better not choose the wild flower as your gift. Your teacher may like their flower of their own garden rather than your wild flower but they still keep your gift, this is risky choice.

6. Alcohol as a Gift

If your parents play to purchase a gift that creates happy hour, but I think the retirement is not happy time for all retirees, unless your parents know your teacher’s preferences, the following may not bring rave reviews.

7. A Pet as a Gift

Presenting a gift that comes in the shape of an animal is one thing, but actually handing over a real live pet is absolutely a no-no. You should know your retired teacher can’t afford to feed this pet which is to be part of their life for quite expensive.

8. Magazine Subscriptions as a Gift

Okay, this can be an ideal gift if you keep it limited to the specific interests of the recipient. Not doing so, the subscription will end up in the “recycle bin bucket,” at the curb and considered a useless gift.

9.  Inappropriate Teacher Retirement Wording on Your Card

Never sign you appreciation wording “see you again while back to school”. If you don’t have good teacher retirement wording for your card you can reference There is a collection of teacher retirement quotes and poems that you may write to your teacher expressing your feelings at that special moment.

10. Any Teacher Stationery


I don’t think your retired teacher will feel happy while they open your teacher stationery gift basket. From Die Cut Note Cards to Pens and Memo Gift Sets, items from our Teacher Gift Collection are perfect for holidays, thank you and back to school gifts for the teachers in your life! Wait, are you kidding, don’t you know your teacher is retired now? Please fold this gift idea, it is not good retirement gift for your teacher.

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