Teacher, This is for You


Over the green and yellow rice-fields sweep the shadows of the autumn clouds followed by the swift-chasing sun.

The bees forget to sip their honey;

Drunk with light they foolishly hover and hum

The ducks in the islands of the river clamor in joy for mere nothing

Let none go home, brothers,

We should seek the nice flowers

As gift for our dear teacher to show our appreciation and love

The simple blade of grass sits on the same carpet with the sunbeam and the of the midnight

The poem for our teacher, share their sears in the heart of the world with the music of the clouds and forests

Like a timorous bird it fly to your breast with eager love

The day is not yet alone,

The fair is not over,

The fair on the river-bank

I had feared that my time had been squandered and my last penny lost

I still seek the nice flowers for you, my teacher

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