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I used to be a Math teacher for 10 years, so you can imagine I got so many math teacher gifts that I love them forever for I read love, appreciation and recognition from them, that’s really wonderful.

This morning, my little son asked me what type of Math teacher gifts he should consider to celebrate the coming Teacher Appreciation Day, this question let me have the idea that I can make a thoughtful teacher gift list for some students or parents who are looking for creative Math teacher gift ideas.

So, this simple article just for your reference, I would like share your own teacher gift ideas with others if you also have personalized one. Thank you!

Appreciation Gift Ideas for Math Teachers from Students

A teacher gift for a teacher should not be personal, expensive, or elaborate. Rather, just make a simple gesture to say “Thank You!”. But if you still want to use a tangible way to express your heartfelt gratitude, here are some creative match teacher appreciation ideas maybe help you:

  • Homemade Bookmark – It is useful that makes a bookmark, add your thank you message and decorate with stickers or card stock heart if you like.
  • Cookies – Ask mother help you, supervise you in the kitchen, so you can bake some delicious snakes for the teacher such as homemade cookies, fudge or banana bread.
  • Flowerpot Pencils – You can imagine that a wonderful flowerpot pencil will brighten your teacher’s desktop.
  • Teacher Appreciation Mug – Fill a flowered mug with a students’ printed or appreciation poems on it with candy.
  • Handmade Bookmarks – It is useful that makes a bookmark, add your thank you message and decorate with stickers or card stock heart if you like.
  • Homemade thank you card.
  • Write a poem as present for a teacher.
  • Write a thank you letter to appreciate teacher’s service and contribution.
  • One of the simplest ways to say thank you is to open a handwritten thank you note for teacher which is from your heart.
  • Pray for teacher.
  • Plant a tree in honor of teacher with your parents.
  • Decorating your classroom.
  • Teacher Appreciation Reading Activity
  • Create an event page on Facebook to spread the word about your Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • Help them with gardening. You math teacher cannot pay more attention to their gardening, spend a few time doing their gardening and teaching them gardening knowledge.

Recognition Gifts for Math Teachers from Parents

Math teachers play an important role in any educational establishment. They Educate students on various mathematical concepts such as values, functions, equations, and other principles, and these are good for better growth of children’s intelligence. But how to confirm the value and achievement of Math teacher?

Parents’ recognition may be great encouragement and gift for any teacher, so choose appropriate and personalized teacher appreciation gift to express recognition and gratitude. Write thank you letter, give a gift basket, plan a appreciation banquet or dinner, etc. they are perfect, however, it is better that choose some personalized teacher gift ideas that Math teacher will treasure for years to come.

Customize a crystal teacher appreciation plaque will be appropriate and personalized. There are many online trophy stores such offers this DIY (Design It Yourself) service that teach kids design their images, logo or teacher appreciation quotes on the plaque, and then ask customize the special plaque according to kids’ “design”. That will be funny.

Or you can use the sample of, the Teacher Appreciation Plaque is accented beautifully by the classic scroll design in the background. The plaque offers you ample personalization space to express your appreciation to that special teacher.

So, you can ask them engraved your recognition messages, like this:

I really appreciate the way
You have encouraged my daughter in Math.
She has grown a lot in her math skills
And I think you have made a positive influence on her.
Thank You!

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