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Middle school teachers act not just as educators, but as coaches and facilitators. What their students learn from them can greatly influence their experiences and successes as adults.

To students in grades 5-8, teachers are key authority figures and role models. Hence we should think more good gifts ideas for middle school teacher to show our appreciation and love for them.

Many teachers love to receive gifts cards. A lovely thank you teacher card with students’ personal teacher appreciation wording or ever teacher poem that tells the middle school teacher that he or she is appreciated is a very inexpensive but thoughtful gift.

Books are a great option for middle-school students, particularly those that have developed an interested in reading books that are not mandatory, no matter what they are female or male.

You can make your own teacher appreciation bookmark as your simple but lovely middle school teacher gift. This will make your teacher smile and remember you whenever he or she opens the book! You just need to…

•Cut a rectangular piece cardboard, the size of an ordinary bookmark.

•Draw on it and include your teacher appreciation message. You can also glue a picture of yourself and other very flat objects like a dried flower, a stamp, a sticker…

•Take it to the copy shop and have the bookmark classified.

•Wrap it and give it to your teacher on Teachers Day or other teacher appreciation opportunity.

When buying a teacher appreciation gift, try not to get him or her anything expensive, unless it’s a collective gift bought by the whole class. Otherwise your teacher might feel uneasy about this.

Gifts for the Classroom

One idea is to buy items for the classroom. This is an inexpensive but thoughtful gift that can benefit both the students and the teacher. Supplies that are wonderful to give as gifts are as follows:

  • Markers, scissors, rulers, pencils, pens, colored pencils, craft supplies, three-hole punch, single hole punch, glue sticks, construction paper, folders, wax clips to hang posters on the walls, bundles of bookmarks, party supplies (cups, napkins, plates, plastic spoons and forks), yarn, magnets, candy for the prize box, posters, etc.
  • Also, teachers enjoy receiving personal desk supplies, such as stationary, stamps, nice pens, plastic/metal baskets and trays, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.

Plan a School Assembly

For a real show-stopping tribute, your children can work with parents (and the PTA), school staff, and fellow students to plan a show to honor teachers. Parents can work with groups of middle-school students to write, direct, and act out skits that portray:

  • A Typical Day in the Life of a Teacher
  • School without Teachers
  • It’s sure to be an assembly filled with original, funny, and heart-warming scenes.

Get the student council’s help in organizing a banquet for the teachers of your school.   Contact local restaurants for food donations that parents or administrators can pick up. Decorate the teachers’ lounge and set up the banquet during lunch periods. Students can dress up for the occasion!

Someone has ever surveyed teachers at a middle school in Florida and here are the top ten gift items that they like to received.

1. Gift Cards.

2. Basket of supplies – (items such as pencils, markers, stickers, sticky notepads). Teachers are constantly running out of basic supplies and many have to purchase some things on their own. You can go to your local Wal-Mart or similar store to buy everything you need to make the perfect basket.

3. Games for the classroom – (Discovery Store and any local educational store)

4. Hobby basket – Find out what your teacher really likes to do and put together a basket that includes items for that hobby.

5. Candy – Teachers need that sugar rush to keep up with middle schoolers!!

6. Picture Frames/Photo Album – You can get these about anywhere and they are great to put on a desk. The best thing is your own drawing.

7. Thank you teacher letter. Students’ thank you letters with their own teacher appreciation quotes or poems is special and always left warm impression upon teacher’s heart.

8. Movie tickets/gift certificates – Buy tickets to local movie theaters online or at your local theater.

9. Thank You Teacher E-mail- During computer class, send your teachers thank you notes via e-mail.

10. Make it festive – Stay late or come in early one day and decorate your favorite teacher’s door. You may have ideas for your own decorations or maybe you want to take inspiration from your studies.

Of course, different Middle School teacher will receive different gifts, more teacher gifts ideas about teacher gifts from students you may be interested in them.

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