Daycare Teacher Gift Ideas

Daycare teachers usually care for children between the ages of six weeks and five years. This is not easy work for every daycare teachers. You should think more if you want to choose appropriate daycare teacher gifts to appreciate their hardwork dedication all the year round, especially during the Teacher Appreciation Week 2012.

Hence here are some tips may help you choose right and practical appreciation gifts for your kid’s daycare teacher.

  1. Your gift will be perfect if it is good for the continue education of daycare teacher. You know the laws vary from state to state with regards to continuing education for daycare workers, it’s never a bad idea to attend conferences and workshops that can help to enhance your childcare skills.
  2. You’d better let your thoughtful teacher gifts can help her to enjoy her holiday and relieve pressure.
  3. No matter what your children is six weeks old or five years old, they are too young to need more attention to their health of body and mental psychological, so you can choose right gift which can help daycare teacher take care of your children easier.
  4. To do something to help them lighten their burden.
  5. You’d better let your thoughtful teacher gifts can help her to enjoy her holiday and relieve pressure.
  6. Use your simple but warm way to show your sincere recognition.

Now you can choose what you want to buy according to those tips such as:

  • Let your learning information card help daycare teacher continue their education.


  • If you have friends or relatives are the experienced daycare teacher, you can invite them and your kid’s daycare teacher let them share the experience each other. Many daycare employers require that.


  • Applicants have significant work experience.


  • Choose book as gift never go out of fashion. If you’re not sure what kinds of books your daycare teacher likes, but  you may be a bit worried that she might already have it? Consider asking his co-workers or friends for.


  • Daycare teachers are paid remarkably little, gift cards and cash are excellent gifts for them. Receiving homemade gifts no matter what they are cookies or brownies, they are always an enjoyable treat for daycare teachers, you can encourage your child help with the cooking and decorating to make the treats extra memorable and wrap them in pretty paper or a nice basket.


  • Crsytal awards are ideal for use in the teacher appreciation world. Everyone enjoys recognition for major accomplishments. Your daycare teacher will read your recognition and appreciation from the engraved teacher appreciation wording on the crystal award. So you can custom your special crystal award for every daycare teacher with varied style.


  • Beautiful plant can be nice decoration to highlight teacher’s house or desk, and it is also good for relieving his/her pressure while he/she look after it.


  • If you live close to them offer to babysit or take the kids to the park with your children so he or she can get some things done around the house.


  • Help your baby make lovely footprint or handprint card is also perfect and funny.


  • A gift basket of spa supplies encourages a hard working day care teacher to pamper herself.



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