Kindergarten Teacher Gifts

As parents, you must want to give kid’s kindergarten teacher a gift to show your appreciation and recognition, as a student, you are interested in collecting creative kindergarten teacher gift ideas to express your sincere love and gratitude. But how to get it?

Though it is not necessary, it is appropriate and common to give a kindergarten teacher  gift at the Christmas or the end of school year, or during Teacher Appreciation Week.

My mom is a teacher (this is her 12th year) and she appreciated getting whatever gifts her students give her, so I’ve witnessed the good, the bad, and the personalized of her teacher gifts. As a result, I’m here to help you make personalized and creative gift ideas for your child’s kindergarten teacher.

Personalized Teacher Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers

Most people tend to buy chocolate or flowers for teachers but I think it’s a lot nicer to buy something they can keep. And you can imagine teachers get so many gifts that they don’t know what to do with them, so choose personalized teacher gift is heartwarming and touches teacher’s lives. It makes the gift last forever.

Teacher Appreciation Messages in Bottles

Your kindergarten teacher must appreciate the unique ideas-teacher appreciation messages in bottles. Encouraging little kids write down (drawing a picture is ok if they are too young to write something) their best wishes related Teacher Appreciation Day, and put them in a bottle (it is perfect that write down appreciation messages on the colorful paper for it can highlight the bottle).

Engraved Class Picture Frame

You want your kindergarten teacher gift to be special and something she/he will cherish for years to come, so don’t miss the engraved items such as the engraved class picture frame. Choose appropriate class picture frame personalized with students’ names or teacher appreciation wording can be placed on the mantle at home or displayed at kindergarten teacher office.

And this engraved class picture frame will be nice decoration for teacher’s house, it is heartwarming while teacher see the lovely smile from the frame. Most picture frames cost only less than $10 each, it is really cheap and unique.

Customize Teacher Plaque

Customizing crystal teacher plaque may be creative teacher gift ideas. offers this DIY (Design It Yourself) service that kindergarten teachers can teach kids design their images, logo or teacher appreciation quotes on the plaque, and then ask customize the special plaque according to kids’ “design”. That will be funny.

The crystal plaque usually costs around $50-$100 per piece. The bigger the crystal, the higher its price is. Reference the Teacher Appreciation Plaque, just choose Crystal Circle Plaque 5″ is perfect, exquisite and sparkling. If this kindergarten teacher gift is out of your budget, you can team up with other students or parents to assemble them.


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