When is Teacher Appreciation Day 2013?

may-300x171-4092896We all honor and appreciate national teachers and educators for what they contributed to educating and shaping us to become better individuals. Well, there is a day of each year for us to tell or show them how much we love and appreciate. No doubt, it is National Teacher Appreciation Day on first Tuesday of  first full week in May, which happens on May 7 this year.

Looking for best teacher appreciation gift to show appreciation of time and patience our teachers spent with us?

Top Teacher Appreciation Day ideas are here for you now.

What is the best gift for Teacher Appreciation Day?

“Thank you. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day.” We would usually say. Besides, Here are top best gift ideas of teacher appreciation for going through a perfectly grateful day with teachers.

1) Unique Teacher Flower

Cut one flower shape for each child in the classroom. With a glue stick, glue each child’s picture on a flower. Attach a Popsicle stick to each flower. Then arrange the flowers on the Styrofoam in the pot. Spread peat moss around the top to cover the Styrofoam. To be better, write a poem above on the pot.

2) Teacher Appreciation Card

ca-300x270-9169632Create a giant Teacher Thank You Card for display in the school community. Place mark column on the card so community members can add their appreciation wording. Young parents can help kids to make the footprint or handprint card for their preschool teachers.

3) Memory Book

Ask your children to write down his/her favorite or unforgettable  memory of a teacher on sheets of colorful paper, and gather them with adding appreciation poems or quotes. Punch holes alongside and bind with rings or pieces of ribbon.

4) Unique Classroom Decoration

A whirligig is a simple craft that teachers can hang in the classroom. Make one by unraveling a paper towel roll and painting each side a different color, then decorate it with glitter, stamps, etc. Make a hole in the top to thread ribbon through for hanging.


5) Heart-Shaped Cookies

No one can resist handmade cookies, so treat your teachers sweet heart-shaped goods on Teacher Appreciation Day. Create heart-shaped sugar cookies using a cutter. Prior to baking the cookies, insert wooden dowels into the bottom of them.

6) Personalized Teacher Awards

Customize a personalized crystal teacher appreciation plaque. A personalized crystal teacher appreciation plaque in teacher’s name would be a huge honor for them to be appreciated and recognized.


How to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day Creatively?

Doing something for your teacher! We have get used to send gifts to say a”Thank You”. While, try to transfer your affection into action this time, you may another way of saying “Thank You”.

  • Arrange people to watch the teacher’s children on Teacher Appreciation Day so he/she and his/her wife/husband can go out on for the Teacher Appreciation Day.


  • Send your kids’ teacher and his/her family a bouquet of home-grown flowers.
  • Plan a Teacher Appreciation Day picnic. Make an appointment with classmates and prepare picnic food , it would be a surprise to invite teachers to join a teacher appreciation day picnic at noon or in the afternoon in the nearby park or grassland.
  • Write for your Teachers – Write poems, letters, or notes of appreciation.(P.S. if you don’t have a good idea for this time, Click Here for getting inspired.)
  • Plan a special banquet to honor teachers.
  • Help them with gardening. Teachers may not have much time to take care of their gardening, so spend a few hours doing gardening for them and teaching them gardening knowledge if you feel your teachers are freshmen in this field.
  • Setup an advertising in the local newspaper to thank your teachers.
  • Create an event page on Facebook to spread the word about your teachers and Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • Participate a auction and use the proceeds to send the teacher on a trip.
  • Hire a cleaning service for 2-3 hours for teachers’ house.

Unique teacher appreciation Day gifts or activities can be especially touching to teachers. after reading above suggestions and ideas, have you got any inspiration for this year Teacher Appreciation Day 2013? It is on May 7, it is coming soon.

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