Thank You Teacher Songs

Many people would like use music express their heart about love, appreciation, blessing etc. Singing a teacher appreciation song for your teacher is also unique teacher gifts idea. Do you think so? This special teacher appreciation gifts be filled up with art and warm.

So let’s collect many teacher songs with different styles you may need one day when you want to write something on your thank you teacher cards or letter.

you-have-made-a-difference-150x150-3169241You Have Made a Difference

This song is for those who inspire us today
Who always lend a helping hand
to help show us the way
This song is for those who see their students through
The tough times in their lives
for that, we say thank you
You have made a difference
You have shaped our minds…


heart-of-teacher-150x150-3563805Heart of Teacher

The child arrives like a mystery box…
with puzzle pieces inside
some of the pieces are broken or missing…
and others just seem to hide
But the HEART of a teacher can sort them out…
and help the child to see
the potential for greatness he has within…
a picture of what he can be
Her goal isn’t just to teach knowledge…
by filling the box with more parts


teacher-inspirational-150x150-6612269Teacher Inspirational

If a doctor, lawyer,
or dentist had 40 people in his office
at one time…
all of whom
had different needs…
and some of whom
didn’t want to be
there and were
causing trouble…
and the doctor,
lawyer, or dentist,


the-gifts-teachers-day-150x150-3613514The Gift

When you light this candle
To guide you through the night,
Remember how you guided me
To make my future bright.
When you plant this seed
And nurture it to grow,


those-who-touch-our-lives-150x150-2515743Those Who Touch Our Lives

Every special person who touches our life
leaves their own unique mark on our heart,
A mark which can never be chiseled away
even if the years eventually pull us apart.
We can take on their expressions and
such the more we share of ourselves together.


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