Teacher Appreciation Cards

Use unique appreciation cards to celebrate special Teacher Appreciation Day or during appropriate time such as back to school, end of school year, Valentines Day, Christmas, etc. will be perfect and personalized way to show your appreciation and love for teacher.

It is interesting and meaningful that encourages your kids to make their own Teacher Appreciation Day card to pass out in their classroom. Thank you cards can be made of any materials that we can easily find in a local store. Below are the steps to create a homemade teacher appreciation card:

How to Create Greeting Cards for Teacher

  1. Materials Required – feathers, wool, cut out pictures, crayons, making pens, glitter, various types of rubber stamps, cardboard, computer paper, sequins, and colored ribbons, pictures from old cards, and photos.
  2. Size – The size of thank you card should be smaller than the envelope if you also prepare unique envelope that you have selected.
  3. Design – Thinking of the content that you will write it is also good to include Teacher Appreciation Day themes, appreciation quotes/poems or sayings that having something to do or related to teaching.
  4. Decorating – Start working on the cover of teacher card, draw lovely picture or fingerprint if your kid is too young to draw something. Homemade handprint/footprint cards will be perfect.
  5. Embellishment – Arrange all the embellishment using glue and adhesives, appropriate teacher appreciation quotes, poems, sayings will highlight the greeting card.

Recognition and appreciation from students and kids’ parents are most important and expensive gifts for every teacher. So nothing better than using words to express gratitude and recognition. Words have the power to change our minds, our lives and help us reshape our very existence.

It is true that the pen has more might and strength any weapon yet created and in those golden years it will help to find additional strength, laughter and delighter in the best teacher appreciation wording. Therefore let your sincere teacher appreciation quotes/poems to embellish card. It is better has personalized appreciation wording layout, here are some suggestions for your reference.

teacher-appreciation-card-150x150-7565652God sends Teachers to
paint the Lessons of life
on the canvas of our Heart.
I am Lucky to have a Teacher like You…
Warm Wishes on
Teacher’s Appreciation Day!


teacher-appreciation-card-3-140x150-6055731Teacher Appreciation from Class

In recognition of your years of dedication to education,
especially those that have impacted our individual lives;
we, the Austin High School Class of 1986
present you with this token of
our sincere appreciation and love.
Thank You Teacher!
A thoughtful Teacher Gift to express your appreciation

teacher-appreciation-cards-2-150x150-7198321Wishing You a

teacher-appreciation-cards-1-150x150-6531368You have added
colors of
to my life…

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