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Looking for a unique gift for a science teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week 2012? What’s appropriate science teacher gift? Appropriate science themed gifts can enhance the classroom while satisfying the teacher’s love for all things scientific.

Actually, finding the perfect gift for a science teacher can sometimes be a challenge, but choose science-themed items never makes mistake.

Here are 7 Science-themed Gifts for your reference if you have no more creative science teacher gift ideas:

Top 7 Science-themed Gifts for Science Teachers

1. Globe Pillar Award

Customize a pillar shaped crystal award features a unique concaved globe etched on the back and engraved appreciation wording for science teacher on the award that offers you ample personalization space to express your gratitude and recognition. It’s really personalized and creative.

2. Charles Darwin Figure

You know role-playing allows for topic exploration and entertainment, making learning fun for children. Choose a vivid Charles Darwin figure for science teacher and he maybe display it on desk of classroom, vivid but interesting figure will highlight classroom and science lesson.

3. Newton’s Apple

Newton’s apple? Yes, great! Any science teacher appreciate this special gift that is better way for his students to visually understand Sir Isaac Newton’s ideas of F=ma, than to drop a 1 Newton foam apple onto someone’s head?

4. Famouse Scientister Book or DVD

Newton Revealed – Nova Video (DVD), The Story of Madame Curie, Einstein Relatively Strong Mints, etc. appropriate scientist books or DVDs never let science teachers feel bored. And they are also good for students to help them expanded their knowledge.

5. Weatherball Water Barometer

Do you think the glass weatherball water barometer is also exquisite gift? Such as the wonderful weather swan barometer. The blown-glass weather swan barometer uses the same principle as the first barometer made by the Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli in 1643. Don’t just talk about the function of barometer, this is really beautiful glass artwork.

6. Glassware

What’s beakers? Just a cylindrical container used to store. It is also become beautiful vase to feed some lovely flowers, do you think so? I am sure that your science teacher will be interested in this special vase.

7. Butterfly Specimen Vial Necklaces

Butterfly Specimen Vial Necklaces? Yes, wonderful,not since the craft, have you been into witch craft like this.
These Butterfly Specimen Vial necklaces, are said to yield messages of change, joy, love and freedom-bring it on!
This will be romantic and appropriate gift idea for any science teacher.

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